Honor Society Inductees Recognized

  • In a terrific series of outdoor ceremonies in the school’s outside sports pavilion, the high school inducted numerous deserving students into the Tri-M Music Honor Society (15 students on June 1), National Art Honor Society (52 students on June 2), World Language Honor Society (83 students on June 7), National Honor Society (66 students on June 8) and Math Honor Society (17 students on June 9). With families in attendance, the inductees were recognized and celebrated.

Diligent Demonstrations at Fourth-Grade Science Fairs

  • Fourth graders at JFK and RCK recently participated in the schools’ first annual virtual science and engineering design fairs. In a fierce competition, students worked diligently, using the scientific method, to test a hypothesis of their choosing. Data was collected, journals were kept and conclusions were made. Students submitted Google slides, PowerPoint presentations, videos and pictures of traditional trifold boards showcasing their well-planned and prepared science experiments and engineering projects. The fourth graders demonstrated their understanding of the scientific method and also created models.

    The high school’s Science Honor Society students acted as judges as JFK, under the direction of high school science teacher Genesis Dawson. Connor Schaper earned first place with his project “Which Facemask Protects the Best?” Additional winners at JFK were first runner-up Quinlan Maher for “Are Your Hands Really Clean?” and second runner-up Vincent Fox for “Making Batteries with Fruit.”  

    At RCK, the winner was Jacob Tatun for his project “Hamster Run.” Bryan Freisem finished second for “Hot Puck vs. Cold Puck,” Allyson Habel third for “Does Your Cat Have a Paw Preference?” and Landon Burchard third for “Mentos Explosion.”

    “Both creativity and talent were evident in all of the entries from our young scientists and engineers,” said JFK Principal Deborah Smith.

    Schaper and Tatun represented 澳门开奖历史 at Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Virtual Science/Engineering Design Fair in June.

Fourth-Grade Findings on Owl Digestion

  • After learning about owls and their unique way of digesting food, fourth graders in Lisa Boehler’s class at JFK dissected owl pellets. With the help from a document camera, the students were able to magnify and share their findings with each other.

Connetquot’s Second-Grade Scientists

The Science of Skittles at JFK

  • Fourth-grade scientists at JFK recently explored the scientific process with leftover Halloween candy. They were shocked to see the letter S float away from Skittles in warm water. They also created Skittle rainbows as the candy’s sugar and food coloring dissolved in water.

Young Mathematicians Find Arrays in the JFK Library